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Fast facts & figures

On the Secretariat

How many staff are there at the Secretariat?

Around 500 people are employed at UNFCCC. .

On the Convention

When was the Convention adopted?


When did the Convention come into force?


How many countries are Party to the Convention?

194 (+ the EU), at last count (September 2011).

On the Kyoto Protocol

How many Convention Parties are Party to the Kyoto Protocol?


When was the Kyoto Protocol adopted?


When did the Kyoto Protocol come into force?


On the Bali Road Map and Cancun Agreements

When was the Bali Road Map agreed on?


When were the Cancun Agreements created and agreed on?


What is this 2 degrees C goal?

A 2 degrees Celsius/Centigrade rise in global temperatures from pre-industrial levels is the highest rise we can afford if we want a 50% chance of avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

What is concentration of carbon dioxide equivalent in the atmosphere that the world must stay at or under to stay true to the 2 degrees Celsius goal?

450 parts per million.

What’s the current concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

370 parts per million.

What was the base from which it grew, and when?

Before the Industrial Revolution, concentrations were fairly stable at 280 parts per million. This has gone up 30% from then till now.

On the negotiating sessions

How many journalists attend the negotiating sessions?

Up to 4000 media representatives have attended the annual Conferences of the Parties and Conferences of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol(COP/CMP).

How many representatives of observer organizations attend the negotiating sessions?

2,000 on average at smaller negotiating sessions.
7,000 on average at Conferences of the Parties and Conferences of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. The decisions at COPs are taken by governments. On average, 40% and 60% of the overall number of participants at UNFCCC meetings are representatives of the UNFCCC’s over 1,500 admitted observer organisations.

How many negotiating sessions are there per year?

4 a year, on average, in recent years. The Rules of Procedure provide for two sessional periods per year. Ordinary sessions of the COP are held once every year, and the SBSTA and the SBI usually meet twice a year, once in conjunction with sessions of the COP. If countries feel they need more time to complete their mandated work before a COP, they request and agree on additional sessions.

Which COP is this year’s COP?

21st. COP21 will be held in Paris, France from 30 November -12 December at the Le Bourget site.

Which CMP is this year’s CMP?

11th.  The meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol takes place simultaneously with the meeting of the COP.

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