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Children and young people have been participating in the UNFCCC intergovernmental process since COP 5 in Bonn. Starting in COP 11/CMP 1, youth have also organized preparatory meetings called “Conferences of Youth,” which help build their capacity to participate in the UNFCCC negotiation process.

Since 2009 youth non-governmental organizations have been enjoying constituency status. This provides YOUNGO with the opportunity to address the plenary, High Level Segment of a COP/CMP, make submissions (individual youth organizations also), attend workshops, meet with officials of the Convention such as SB/AWG Chairs and COP President. They also organize Young and Future Generation’s Day during the COP/CMP featuring a series of side events, exhibits, interviews, media stunts and other activities.

For more information about YOUNGO and its current activities, please visit or e-mail the YOUNGO focal points at:

Ms. Ruth Nyambura

Mr. Nathan Thanki

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  1. Pete Ridley permalink
    November 15, 2009 11:59 am

    Even the UN itself is now acknowledging that there will be no binding agreements at COP15. Thank goodness for that. COP15 has nothing to do with the impossible task of controlling global climates, which are drivwen by naturem, not our use of fossil fuels.

    There are two major political drivers for the UN’s persistent propaganda about The (significant human-made global climate change) Hypothesis:
    – redistribution of wealth from develped to underdeveloped economies,
    – establishing a framework for global government.

    The UN will fail in these in the same way that it has failed miserably to have any significant influence in countries like Zimbabwe.

    Best regards, Pete Ridley, human-made global climate change agnostic.

  2. December 30, 2013 5:02 pm

    To Pete Ridley: Totally agree with your point on the two major political drivers, it seems like the UN (and the rest of the world) is running out of effective ideas to promote and facilitate change. But I’m more concerned about saving the environment, what do you suggest we do?

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