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An update from Paris

November 30, 2015

Safe atmosphere at the Paris Climate Change Conference

With the recent Paris attacks fresh in everyone’s minds, Paris has stepped up its security and police can be seen doing frequent rounds at the airport, in train stations and at the entrance of the conference site. The security here is tight, and there are compulsory screening and checks for everyone before entering. Entrance is restricted to registered delegates holding both the ticket and photo ID.

security at le bourget

Photo Credit: AFP Photo/Loic Venance

Big welcome for delegates to the Climate Change Conference

Paris has put in huge efforts into welcoming the participants to the Climate Change Conference with overseas participants being greeted with COP21 advertisements when they first arrive the airport, to the dedicated COP21 booths at the train station to direct them to the line towards the conference venue at Le Bourget and free shuttle buses from the station to the exhibition site.



This is not surprising, after all, Paris is expecting 50,000 participants from 190 nations this year at this United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Vibrancy at the United Nations Climate Change Conference

Every morning, participants are greeted with bright smiles and “Bonjour!” and people handing out apples when they arrive at the conference venue. The cheery atmosphere brightens up everyone’s day as they prepare for yet another packed day at the conference. Within the conference venue, things get sweeter as another group hands out “The Change Chocolate” and participants receive daily updates about the negotiations which took place the day before from the ECO newsletter, an NGO newsletter.


Apart from the daily happenings, the conference holds people from 190 nations and no doubt, we see a congregation of people from different cultures reflected in their dressing (some with their own cultural headdresses) and the languages they speak.

Despite differences, many have come from different parts of the world to lend a voice to the climate change cause, which has a place in both their hearts and minds, and also ensure representation in this agreement at this UN Conference.

What happens during this two-week conference?

Apart from the negotiations and closed door meetings, participants can look forward to several hundred side events over at the conference centre and climate generation areas and visit the hundred over booths set up by various organisations.


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