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Get Involved! Love MacRitchie

October 26, 2015

The cause:

MacRitchie forest, an important stronghold of Singapore’s biodiversity, has come under threat of the proposed Cross Island Line (CRL) cutting across a part of its underground. The CRL will operate from Tampines to Jurong, and is expected to make traveling across Singapore more convenient. However, a group of individuals have banded together to form ‘Love MacRitchie’ and oppose the CRL cutting through MacRitchie. They are advocating for the LTA to use an alternative route around MacRitchie, so as to preserve the pristine ecosystems and habitats within it.

Why you should care:

MacRitchie forest is home to more than 600 species of plants, as well as primary forest, secondary forest, wetland forest and freshwater streams. The CRL poses great risk to the ecosystems and habitats in MacRitchie forest that may never be recovered.

‘The forest, home to birds such as the critically endangered white-rumped shama and uncommon animals including the pangolin and clouded monitor lizard, will be affected by the land clearing needed for soil investigation works, the paper said.

The soil works, which involves boring 70m-deep holes every 15m to 20m to determine soil strength, would also muddy and choke delicate freshwater streams containing rare native fish like the malayan pygmy rasbora, the NSS added.

While water agency PUB has rules to control erosion during construction, “mitigation does not equate to no impact”, said NSS spokesman Tony O’Dempsey.’

– Straits Times, Jul 19 2013 (Emphasis mine)

Soil studies during pre-construction of the CRL may have detrimental effects on MacRitchie, due to the bore holes needed to do soil tests.

‘With the construction of bore holes every 15 to 20m along the proposed line for soil studies and the running of access roads to the bore holes, the rainforest habitat of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve could be massively and irreversibly damaged.’

– ‘Save Singapore’s Forest Reserves; Our Natural Heritage’ Petition.

Love MacRitchie even has an MV out which offers glimpses of the many flora and fauna to be found in MacRitchie.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Sign the petition.
  2. Join a MacRitchie walk, a free public guided nature walk at MacRitchie Forest held on weekends.
  3. Check out the Love MacRitchie WordPress and read the Nature Society (Singapore)’s position paper on the cause.
  4. Like their Facebook page.

All infographics are credited to the Love MacRitchie wordpress.

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