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Singapore Youth Fellowship on Climate Change

July 5, 2015

cop21 logo Nations are working toward a new global climate change agreement later this year in Paris for post Kyoto Protocol. These negotiations offer governments a critical opportunity to craft a broad, balanced and durable agreement strengthening the international climate effort. The talks are taking place under the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a treaty adopted in 1992 that includes virtually every nation on earth. They will conclude at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in December in Paris.

Bonn_ADP_600 adp2_533

And since 2008, ECO Singapore have been sending youth delegations to the Climate Change negotiations to ensure youth representation, especially that of Southeast Asia is aptly present. We provide guidance and mentoring of young Singaporeans towards these talks before, during and after. One of the important role these youth team does is to keep abreast of the climate change works in Singapore, the region and the world, and connect them with both the Singapore and regional audience.

Barcelona Climate Talks - UNFCCC meetingsMEWR NGO KennethTwo lovely ladies

We do so through active online blogging (such as this site) and conduct active sharing sessions so that other may benefit from what we do and be inspired to be more actively involved, both at the policy level and grassroots level.


In view of the coming COP21 in Paris, we will build on the annual effort of sending a youth delegation. But instead of an annual pilgrimage to COP only, we want to create a platform, housed under our organisation where young people can come together and take action on influencing the climate negotiations. Essentially, we are piloting a 12 months Singapore Youth Fellowship on Climate Change.

AYCN 2009

Therefore, we are calling out for passionate young people (18 – 35) who are interested to learn more about the climate negotiations and from this group, we will have a youth team from Singapore to the climate change negotiations (with the support of the rest of the fellows). You don’t have to be knowledgable, but you must have a heart for the environment and be willing to learn. In the coming 12 months, we will look at how to build up your capacity on climate change with meetings and discussions with various practitioners.


If you are keen to be part of this initiative, as part of ECO Singapore’s Phase 2 development, to be part of this pilot Singapore Youth Fellowship on Climate Change, please do fill up the form online at


Should you have any further queries, do feel free to drop an email at


Some blast from the past (Click on picture to zoom):

cop20_logo_text_173 IMG_9275 From left to right: Melissa, Christl, Siang Yu, Zen, Ambassador Kwok, Wilson, Lastrina & Juliana

cop18_small Jamie in action jamie_mel jamie_group

cop16_logo_173 IMG_0541 IMG_4397

208px-COP15_Logo.svg ECO@COP Team COP15 with PM LEe

COP14_Logo polaroid3 poznan group

blast from past prtscn

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