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December 8, 2014

Following the entire COP20 process in Lima can be time and psychologically consuming. I do not think anyone is able to follow through the different components; COP, CMP, SBSTA, SBI and ADP (and their multiple parallel tracks) and able to absorb all these knowledge gained in two weeks. No one except Jamie Madrox maybe..

For the regular human being like me, I found The Daily Tck, part of a project of the Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA), particularly helpful in providing succinct intelligence report of COP20.

So, every morning at 10am, I try to make it a point to go for the Daily Tck morning briefs to start off my day. Andrew, Josh and Tierney of the GCCA team provides a good recap of the previous day highlights, things to watch out for for the day as well as events that are happening outside the main COP area. And then each night, I go back to my email and read the Daily Tck Briefs which I subscribed to earlier.

While the Singapore Youth Delegation has been attending whatever sessions we we were interested in the past week, we cannot possibly be blogging everything single thing about it.

So, for those of you who read this blog or chance upon this post, and are interested to know what is going on in the UN climate negotiations,  do check out The Global Call For Climate Action Website (GCCA)  and subscribe to The Daily Tick.

For now, you can find Daily Tck Day 1 to Day 6 posted on the blog already.

I hope you find The Daily Tck useful too!


and no, this is is not a paid advertisement.

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