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The Role of Youths in Advancing the Implementation of Article 6: Introduction

December 3, 2014

On the third day of the Conference of Youth, I attended a session by Ms Adriana Valenzuela who works for the UNFCCC Article 6 chapter at Geneva.


Zen with Ms Adriana Valenzuela from the UNFCCC Article 6 Chapter

The Article 6 of the Convention govern the efforts on education and capacity building of the member parties’ populations with regards to climate change. It has 6 scopes: education, training, public awareness, public access to information, public training and international cooperation.

While the goal of raising awareness and empowering the world’s populations in mitigating the effect of and adapting to climate change remains universal, the Convention understands that countries do not come from equal footing. Therefore, the article is guided by common principles which are flexibility, cost effectiveness, gender and intergenerational, interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral, and multi stakeholder.

The Article 6 of the Convention works towards the 4 mandates on education: Integration of climate change in curriculum, training at different levels including teachers, students and policy makers, formal and informal education and active or participatory education.

As a Singapore educator, my personal focus on the Article 6 is the inclusion of climate change education to the national curriculum and international collaboration. There is an urgent need for the Singapore education system to incorporate climate change and environmental education into the curriculum more deeply. Environmental education has currently been subsumed under Geography or Science syllables but more emphasis could be placed in the future. Ms Sim Ann, Minister of State, Ministry of Communication and Information and Ministry of Education has indicated the future efforts on environmental education in her speech at a launch event in 2013 which stressed the need for greater depth of knowledge as well as emphasis on environmental values and attitudes in environmental education in Singapore.

A link to her speech can be found here:

Future posts on the roles of youths in advancing the implementation of Article 6 will discuss more on syllabus integration and international collaboration.

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