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Singapore to Lima travel updates

November 28, 2014

Hola a todos!
That’s “Hello everyone!” in Spanish 😉

So.. In the last 48 hours… Siang Yu and myself, Lastrina, have travelled from Singapore-Dubai-Sao Paulo-Lima. In the last 24 hours, Zen and Juliana has followed the same route and are now in Sao Paulo. Tonight, the third pair, Wilson and Christl will travel from Singapore-Miami-Lima.

It has been a long but exciting journey for Siang Yu and I. In the plane, I spent most of my time watching movies like Origin, Mindscape, Divergent, Brick Mansiona, Lucy, (Hindi) Dhoom 3, (Cantonese) Overheard 3 and (Korean) The Divine Move. I also saw Siang Yu sleeping in all kinds of positions 😀 I suppose it was our way to pass time and have some personal time before joining in the three days Conference of Youth (COY) camp, and the twelve days Conference of Parties (COP) meeting in Lima.

Speaking of which, now that Siang Yu and I are in Lima, here’s some pictures..


Siang Yu and I in the domestic airlines, LAN, travelling from Sao Paolo to Lima


At more than 30000 feet in the air, we saw the high Andes mountains!


In Callao, the area where the Jorge Chávez International Airport is located

From the airport which is in Callao to Miraflores, which is known for its shopping areas, the distance is about  20km (30mins taxi ride). From the airport to Monterrico, where Siang Yu and I are staying for the first two night, it is about 40km away from the airport.

The temperature here is about 20 degree Celsius and from my experience the last 12 hours can be chilly when accompanied with the mild wind. I hope our bodies gets acclimatised to the cold condition, given that Singapore’s mean daily temperature can be about 30 degree Celsius. That’s important as the group will be here till 13th December.

Time wise, Singapore is 13 hours ahead of Lima. So it’s Thursday 27 Nov 11pm now in Lima while it’s Friday 28 Nov 12nn in Singapore. Chances are, our blog posts on this blog will come in around this time. So if you’re having a lunch break, do look out for our posts around this time.

That’s all for now. Over the next few days, Siang Yu and I will be sharing with you updates for the Conference of Youth (COY). There’s a Facebook page for that but it’s mostly in Spanish. Check out if you’re interested! The full COY programme can be found here FULL PROGRAM COY 10

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