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Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015

November 9, 2014

Bold plans have been unveiled to create a cleaner and greener future for Singaporeans. They are part of a review of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint – which aims at responding to the challenges that the nation face.

The Government will commit S$1.5 billion to support the roll out of the programmes under the blueprint. This was announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the launch of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015 on Saturday (Nov 8).

To read the full article by CNA, please click here.

To read the full document on Sustainable Singapore Blueprint, click here.

Or, if you prefer something more easy on the eyes, you can visit the new Sustainable Singapore Blueprint micro site for the latest updates. Just click on the icons to explore short briefs on each topic.
Find out what you can look forward to under the Blueprint:
+ A Liveable and Endearing Home
+ A Vibrant and Sustainable City
+ An Active and Gracious Community

+ Green and Blue Spaces
+ Mobility
+ Resource Sustainability
+ Air Quality
+ Drainage
+ Community Stewardship

How you can get involved:
+ Energy
+ Water
+ Waste
+ Public Spaces
+ Commuting

And the various resources and contacts.

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