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Cycling to reduce emissions

October 29, 2014

Over the last two days, I have been working on a rooftop garden in a school located in Admiralty. The aim of the project is to eventually involve the students of the school in the maintenace of the garden, thereby fostering a sense of responsibility towards the community and raising environmental and food security awareness.

En route to the school, one can see bicycle paths alongside the foot paths. Although not pictured here, I also saw many residents who were fully utilising the bicyle paths.

As I arrived at Admiralty MRT Station, I saw designated bicycle racks installed for the convenience of commuters who would like to continue their journey on the train. This is part of the SMRT’s Park & Ride scheme along with designated car parks conveniently located around selected MRT stations islandwide.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2010 the transport sector was responsible for 22% of global CO₂ emissions worldwide. With transport-related emissions expected to increase by 57% between 2005 and 2030, the transport sector is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.

A sustainable transport policy, including promoting the use of bicycles as a mode of transport, can help in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. With the bicycle paths and designated bicycle racks in Admiralty, we can see that the public is also engaged in the government’s efforts as the facilities are well utilised. Commuters’ daily decisions also make an impact on the nation’s emissions.

While cycling has yet to become a principal mode of transport in Singapore, cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam, are evidence that the introduction of cycling infrastructure can benefit both the people and the cities, leading to cleaner cities and healthier lifestyles.

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