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UNFCCC Negotiators Twitter Handles

July 17, 2014

Youths from all around the world face uphill struggles trying to keep track of the overwhelming process that is the Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and its various meetings throughout the years. But with technological advancement and subscription to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, this has no doubt helped to make their lives that little bit easier. Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, Ms. Christiana Figueres, is an avid Facebook and Twitter user, much to the excitement of well, excitable youths and delegates to the conferences and meetings.

Some amazing people behind youth initiatives and activism around climate change action have pulled together a list of Twitter handles by key negotiators who participate or who have participated in UNFCCC negotiations. Here they are:

LDC Chair Nepal @LDCChairUNFCCC
Quamrul Chowdhury Bangladesh lead @QuamrulChow2030
Tosi Mpanu Mpanu DR Congo @tosimm
Delphine Eyraud French Senior policy adviser @delphinero
Govinda Kharel Nepal @gpkharel
Ian Fry Tuvalu @Falai02
Pa Ousman Jarju Gambia – Minister of Environment @envoyjarju
Marcin Korolec Poland/UNFCCC former President @MarcinKorolec
juan p. hoffmaister Bolivia @jhoffmaister
Lucas Di Pietro Argentina @lucasdipi
Dean Bialek Marshall Islands – ID @deanbialek
Gilberto Arias Panama @GilbertoArias
Christiana Figueres UNFCCC Ex Sec @CFigueres
Anniete Cohn-Lois Dominican Republic @AnnieteCohnLois
Xolisa Ngwadla South Africa @xngwadla
Olai Uludong Nauru @nuludong
Halldór Thorgeirsson Implementation Strategy UNFCC Secretariat (UNFCCC) @HalldorTh
Paul Watkinson EU @pwatkinson
Sai S. Navoti Fiji @SNavoti
Burhan Gafoor Singapore @BurhanGafoor
Rueanna Haynes Trinidad and Tobago @Ruelalah
Yeb Saño Philippines @Yebsano
Manuel Pulgar Vidal Peru – will be Chair of COP20 @manupulgarvidal
Tony La Viña Philippines @tonylavs
Norbert Gorißen Germany @gorissenn
Pia Zevallos Peru @piazevallos
andres pirazzoli Chile @apirapino
Claudia Salerno Former negotiator for Venezuela @cscaldera
Sujan Subedi Nepal – assistant to LDC Chair @Sujan13Subedi

If you’d like to contribute to this list, please visit this spreadsheet.

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