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National Climate Change Secretariat’s addendum to the President’s Address in 2014 by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Climate Change

May 26, 2014

1. Climate change affects all countries. As a low-lying, small island state, Singapore is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels and extreme weather events. We will thus continue to play our part by being a leader in environmentally responsible urban living and economic development, and lower our carbon emissions in spite of being constrained in alternative energy sources.

Reducing Emissions
2. Singapore supports global efforts to address climate change through the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We are taking measures to meet our unconditional pledge to reduce emissions to 7-11% below our business-as-usual (BAU) level by 2020. If there is a global agreement on climate change, we will reduce our emissions even further to 16% below our BAU level by 2020. Singapore is also playing our part to facilitate negotiations for a new post-2020 global agreement, which could be reached by 2015.

3. Singapore is working to meet our current commitments and to develop a suite of measures to stabilise our emissions over the long term. We will continue to work with industry partners and academics to develop technology roadmaps to guide the research, development, demonstration and deployment of low-carbon technologies. We need to promote more energy efficient designs, equipment and processes in our different sectors. We will increase the efficiency of our electrical generation and transmission system, and deploy renewable energy such as solar energy, as it becomes cost-effective to do so.

Building Resilience
4. We are also developing climate resilience plans in areas such as coastal protection, biodiversity and greenery, public health, water resources and drainage, and urban infrastructure and energy. The 2nd National Climate Change Study will provide long-term climate projections for Singapore. The Coastal Adaptation Study will develop a coastal protection framework to prepare Singapore for the impact of rising sea levels.

Seizing Green Growth Opportunities
5. Climate change also offers substantial opportunities for green growth. The government will continue to work with the research and business communities to grow the environmental and clean technology industries. This will create good jobs for Singaporeans, and improve our quality of life and living environment. We will continue to invest significantly into R&D and test-bedding to develop solutions in the areas of clean energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, and clean transportation, with a view to commercializing and exporting successful innovations.

Forging Partnerships
6. Everyone has a part to play to ensure that Singapore adapts and thrives in a low-carbon world. We will work with key partners and stakeholders such as schools, non-governmental organizations and businesses to raise public awareness and promote climate-friendly actions across all sectors.

7. Together, we will strengthen our capabilities and readiness to address climate change and develop Singapore along a sustainable pathway for the benefit of present and future generations.

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