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$3m revamp of Climate Change Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore

November 12, 2013

A new $3-million initiative to revamp the Climate Change Exhibition at the Science Centre Singapore (SCS) was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean. Sources say that the collaboration between the National Climate Change Secretariat, Science Center Singapore and the Meteorological Service Singapore will also reveal growth opportunities in the climate science and clean tech sector. The revamp of the five-year old exhibition will feature more Singapore information and examples to provide better context on how the Republic will be affected by climate change. It will also include fun and interactive displays for visitors to better understand the science behind the headlines. The new exhibition will comprise the following five sections: 

  • Climate Chaos: This section will provide an overview of climate change around the world, specifically the global changes and impacts caused by climate change to invoke visitors’ curiosity in the topic and allow them to relate those impacts back to their daily lives. It will zoom in on the impacts of climate change in Singapore. 
  • Weather and Climate: The weather and climate of Singapore and Southeast Asia will be introduced in a simulated weather monitoring and forecast office. The exhibit will highlight interesting features of the weather systems affecting Singapore and the fundamental scientific concepts behind them. 
  • Climate Causes: This section will focus on the causes of climate change, and explain what the greenhouse effect and carbon cycle is.
  • Climate Action Plan: This section will showcase climate projections and their interpretations. It will also showcase global action to address climate change and highlight Singapore’s efforts to mitigate, adapt and create opportunities  out of it. This zone will end with an area for visitors to contemplate and reflect on what climate change means to them. 
  • Green Climate Challenges: This zone will look into how individuals, groups and organisations can reduce their carbon footprint in creative and innovative ways.

It is hoped that through the newly revamped exhibition, visitors will be motivated to take pro-active steps to help combat climate change. As part of the exhibition revamp, climate change-related outreach and enrichment programmes will also be rolled out after the exhibition is re-launched, to complement the school curriculum and provide students with hands-on and inspiring learning experiences. These could take the form of learning journeys, capacity-building workshops and enrichment talks.

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