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Senoko Sustainability Challenge: Living with Climate Change: The Issues, Mitigation and Adaptation

January 4, 2013

Senoko Energy, Singapore’s largest power generation company, today announced the official launch of the “Senoko Sustainability Challenge 2013” (SSChallenge 2013).


Senoko Power Station

This is a community initiative that aims to increase awareness among Singapore students about the importance of climate change and sustainability in our daily lives. This initiative has the support of the Ministry of Education (MOE), National Environment Agency (NEA), the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) and PUB, the national water agency.
Previously known as the National Weather Study Project, the Senoko Sustainability Challenge has widened its scope to incorporate broader sustainability and climate change issues.

The theme for the 2013 competition will be “Living with Climate Change: The Issues, Mitigation and Adaptation”. Students from primary, secondary schools and junior colleges are invited to participate by proposing and executing research projects relevant to the theme.

Mr Brendan Wauters, President & Chief Executive Officer of Senoko Energy, said: “Senoko Energy leads the way in Singapore in terms of environmentally friendly electricity generation. We operate more than 2,800MW of combined cycle units (which represents more than 80% of our generation portfolio). Our progressive switch to gas-fired, combined cycle units has enabled us to cut our annual CO2 emissions by more than 30% while increasing our electricity generation over the past twenty years. We also recognise our community role in promoting awareness of sustainability and climate change issues within the community. This is why we decided to relaunch this initiative which not only targets school students but also the people around them.”

Explaining the change in competition scope, Mr Wauters continued: “We see climate change as a global and a local issue. To address climate change, increasing awareness is the first step and we hope the SSChallenge 2013 will encourage our young people to do just that. We are honoured that the four government agencies share our view and are supporting our commitment to this initiative.”

This year’s competition will focus on six categories: Food; Water; Energy; Cities; Health; and, Tourism. Participating teams will need to select a category for their project. Students are encouraged to consider climate change issues on a broader perspective, and evaluate the impact on a local scale. More information about the SSChallenge 2013 and the prizes to be won are in the enclosed Fact Sheet.

Mr Tan Wee Hock, Director of 3P Network Division of NEA, said: “NEA is happy that Senoko Energy is doing its part for environmental outreach to the schools. We hope that this competition will increase the overall awareness of sustainability issues among students and encourage them to take personal responsibility and ownership of the environment.”

Mr George Madhavan, Director of 3P Network Division of PUB, said: “PUB supports this initiative by Senoko Energy. Water is a key climate change issue and we are happy to see that it is one of the competition categories. We hope that through the competition, students can be encouraged to evaluate the close relationship between climate change and the water situation on both global and local levels.”

Mr Yuen Sai Kuan, Director (3P Network) of NCCS, said: “NCCS is pleased to support Senoko Energy in its SSChallenge 2013 initiative. The competition will provide students with an opportunity to learn about climate change-related issues and heighten their interest on the subject of sustainability. We are glad that Senoko Energy has undertaken the initiative to reach out to students to nurture their interest and sense of stewardship in addressing climate change”.

An Advisory Committee, comprising industry experts, academics, representatives from Senoko Energy, NEA, MOE, NCCS and PUB will set the parameters of the SSChallenge 2013 and decide on the rules of the competition. The Advisory Committee will be supported by a Working Committee which will also provide administrative advice to the teachers and students on the SSChallenge 2013.

The SSChallenge 2013 will commence with registration and a briefing for schools. Students will work on their projects from January 2013 till March 2013. The preliminary and final assessments are scheduled for March and April 2013, after which the winners will be announced during an awards presentation ceremony in July. Schools may contact the Competition Secretariat at for more information about the competition.

About Senoko Energy Pte Ltd
Senoko Energy is the largest power generation company in Singapore, having an installed capacity of 3,300 megawatts (MW) and providing more than a quarter of the nation’s electricity needs. Senoko Energy was the first power generation company in Singapore to import clean natural gas for power generation in 1992, to launch a combined cycle plant in 1996 and to be certified the ISO 9000 in 1998, OHSAS 18001 in 2003 and ISO 14001 in 2004.

Energy is owned by an international consortium comprising Marubeni Corporation (30%), GDF SUEZ S.A. (30%), The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (15%), Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. (15%) and Japan Bank for International Cooperation (10%).

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