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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al‐Attiyah, COP 18/CMP 8 President, 8 December 2012, 7:30am

December 8, 2012


Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Thank you for your dedication and for the long hours that you are putting into this process.
The time has come for the final push. As much as I would like to keep you here in Doha, we do not have additional days at our disposal. Ministers and delegates are starting to leave.  We have to close this in the next couple of hours.

I am therefore putting before you this morning a series of documents as my proposed

1. Text to amend the Kyoto Protocol and establish the second commitment period
2. An outcome text for the LCA, including text on finance (FCCC/CP/2012/L.14)
3. Decisions under the COP agenda items on finance
a. Work programme on Long‐term Finance (FCCC/CP/2012/L.15)
b. Report of the Standing Committee (FCCC/CP/2012/L.16)
c. Report of the Green Climate Fund to the COP and guidance to the Green
Climate Fund (FCCC/CP/2012/L.17)
d. Arrangements between the Conference of the Parties and the Green
Climate Fund (FCCC/CP/2012/L.18)
4. A COP decision on loss and damage (FCCC/CP/2012/L.4/Rev.1)
5. A decision on the ADP (FCCC/CP/2012/L.13)

These documents are being finalized and are about to posted on the web and PaperSmart.
Copies will also be available at the PaperSmart desks before the close of this meeting.
The ministers that I asked to assist me have made heroic efforts to find common ground in the various streams. They have told me that they have reached a limit as to how much improvement they can bring to the texts.  The ministers worked on the basis of the original
texts that the bodies produced. They talked to you and heard your concerns. They took into account your proposals and tried to reflect the common ground.

I thank the Chairs and Ministers most sincerely for all their work, but the documents are now my proposals to you.  We have worked for two whole weeks in a fully transparent and inclusive manner.  I am committed to continue to work in this manner. I therefore do not present these documents as a take‐it‐or‐leave‐it proposition.

Rather, with these documents I ask you the question: Do you, Ministers and Heads of Delegation, consider that further consultations will substantially improve what we have here, and if so at what cost?

This is the time to assess what we have in our hands. I have put these documents before you because, in my judgement, they make a balanced package. We should not make the search for the better the enemy of the good.

If we take them as a whole, they should make us all equally happy or unhappy. But can any of us honestly say we would be happier with no package, with no outcome from Doha?  I believe that this is a package that we can all live with, and which is also good for our planet and future generations.  It may not solve all issues, but it introduces historic elements like:


  • A second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol, with all that it entails in terms of continuity and mechanisms;
  • The third set of results from the AWG‐LCA, completing the Agreed Outcome of the Bali Action Plan
  • A qualitative but bold understanding on finance, especially for the medium term, leading to 2020 and the 100 billion a year target;
  • A systematic way of addressing loss and damage;
  • A roadmap to 2015, 2020 and beyond.

I see this package as a gateway to the future, the Doha Climate Gateway.

But I have talked enough. I want you to now read the documents and to let me know whether we have a package of solutions. We can prolong the negotiations for a number of hours in the hope that we will get something significantly better, but you all know the risks in that

I have requested the secretariat to reproduce the texts and to make them available to you.
Please take some time to read them, individually and as a whole. And let us get together again in this room in 90 minutes to consider where we are.

At our next meeting I will open the floor to groups for comments.  Thank you, and see you in
one hour and a half.

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