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Asian Youth Climate Movement Moving Forward

November 30, 2012

This year would probably be another landmark year for the Asian Youth Climate Movement. A new group of young people emerging, taking over the torch for a more concerted effort on climate movement for the region.


Perhaps the greatest challenge for this region, which probably is its strength, is its diversity that we embrace so much. But how would it be possible to not only remove the kind of unhealthy competition among NGOs of different countries, but also within those within their own state, is a challenge that all the major group faces. Something which I think is felt by many, but spoken by few.

The old gang in the process did our best to get ourselves together, where some from not being married got being married with kids, are still doing what we can. We are glad we’ve managed to push it to some extend, at least building an environment or impression that of there is an official youth movement for Asia. Well, there is….some kind of it since in Bali. We attempted to bring whoever we can together by identifying our fellow Asians and calling for meetings for the region from time to time.

Following that, in Poznan, we met up a little more regularly in an attempt to find a common Asian Position, also to update each other on projects we are planning to do here in COP. One can call it haphazard but it is the way we worked. We tried to build trust among each other and being supportive to one another. It was also there that our colleagues from Japan, Midori, began to put together a book or a publication on Asia Youth Climate Activities with funding from Japan government. It was a great start to get our act together, highlighting individuals and organisations. It was also at that time the Asian Youth Climate Movement google group was created in an attempt to put ourselves together.

Even though throughout the year, it was difficult to get people to come together to organise ourselves, but at COP15, we attempted to meet up once again and get involved in activities. One of which, led by LJ (a Singaporean), was the World Cafe. A simple initiative that now becomes an annual thing that the Asian does. And with the google group created previously, its now to list it “officially” on the YOUNGO website so that we could position Asian Youth are around, and getting ourselves together.

Looking at the Asian Youth strategy meeting today just helps to ignite the spark with a light of hope that now on, we can see the movement taking a more definite shape. The efforts done in advance has come to fruit, sparking the new cohort of youth to want to build up a strong network supporting one another.

And of course, after the successful strategy meeting, the Asian Peeps went straight for a wonderful dinner organised by the Japanese delegation! Couple of snippets of wonderful Japanese young ladies doing their best to ensure dinner is well serviced to us!

First up…..Nagisa!

IMG_0821Next on….Kaoru!


Last but not least, here’s a picture of everyone (almost) at dinner. Enjoying ourselves and building the spirit of working together and sharing!


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