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Reflections on Youth Participation by CliMate Blogger

November 28, 2012

“I’ve also had the opportunity to continue interacting with the youth. I was expecting more young folks to be present but perhaps some of them will be attending next week when the COP circus show supposedly really begins. The Chinese, Indians, Latin Americans, Russians, and Africans are noticeably missing from the youth contingency which is mostly led by very outgoing groups from the UK, Australia, Canada and a few Americans. Arab Youth is also very represented this year through the Arab Youth Climate Movement (AYCM), they received money from the Qatari Foundation and will play a prominent role within the movement, awesome to have them on board!

Youth involvement in plenary sessions is a farce to say the least. YOUNGO gets a minute of peech time while our elders can rant on unconvincingly for hours

This is our future we’re dealing with… dammit.”

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