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Youths Blogging/Coordination from Doha COP18/CMP8!

November 27, 2012

Hi all,

If you’d like more information about youth participation at COP18/CMP8 through reading blog articles by youth who are attending the negotiations right at this moment in Doha, you’re in the right place! This post will feature several blogs from the various youth delegations, some of whom are independent while others are part of Party delegations.

YuFuGe Day

Here are some to begin with…

Student CliMates Blog

Singapore Youth Blog /Twitter

Bangladesh Youth Blog / Facebook Page

Japan Youth Blog / Website / Twitter

Korean Youth Website / Facebook Page

Nepal Youth Blog

China Youth Blog / Weibo

Sri Lankan Youth Facebook Page

Taiwan Youth Facebook Page / Blog

Indian Youth Facebook Group / Twitter

Cambodian Youth Facebook Page

Indonesian Youth Blog

UK Youth Twitter

Australian Youth Website

Google Group Participations


African Youth Initiative on Climate Change

Asian Youth Climate Movement

Clima Latino (Latin America)

European Youth Climate Movement

Global South Youth

Nordic Youth Climate Action Movement

Youth Climate Movements in the countries of the former USSR (in English and Russian)

United States Youth Delegation

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