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Youth Intervention at AWG-LCA, 27/11/2012

November 27, 2012

Thank you Chair. My name is Rennnie Qin. I am a medical student speaking on behalf of the global youth constituency.

While you have been negotiating all my life, I have been studying to become a doctor. I have sworn the oath of looking after the health of future generations. I am here today because I am deeply concerned about the effects of climate change on health. My duty of looking after the health of my future patients, which may include some of you in this room, compels me to speak to you today about the Kyoto Protocol.

The Earth, like its people, is also sick from the effects of climate change. Dear negotiators, you are the doctors for the Earth.In the next seven years, you have the unique opportunity of reserving a healthy future world, the opportunity of keeping this fever of the Earth below 1.5 degrees
and the opportunity to set a clear mandate into the next global agreement.

Right now at COP18, the treatment that we urgently need is an ambitious second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, along with the remedy of a seamless transition from KP1 to KP2 and the prescription of closing loopholes such as carry over of AAUs.

Kyoto is not just history.

Kyoto is a bridge between pre and post-2020 ambitions.

Kyoto is an opportunity to move forward to that much needed fair, ambitious and legally binding global agreement.

In the next seven years, I will graduate and practice as a doctor, for the health of many of my future named and unnamed patients, for the health of our future generations. I sincerely request of you, let’s make the next 7 years count!

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