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Youth Intervention at AWG-KP, 27/11/2012

November 27, 2012

Thank you chair.

My name is Woonjung Koh from South Korea, and I will be 52 years old in 2050.

December is fast approaching. Here in Doha, you have the opportunity to establish a climate legacy that will resonate in the halls of the UNFCCC for years to come. Now is not the time to abandon ambition and equity.

Your work toward successful closure of AWG-LCA has been less than urgent.

You have proposals to establish programmes on equity and compliance under the Convention. You have brought forth peak scenarios that outline the urgency and historical responsibility of climate change. Now, follow through.

Your cohorts in other workstreams are fumbling, creating a political atmosphere that lacks ambition and a space to abandon any concrete hope of addressing the objective of the convention.

Your mandate includes mitigation, adaptation, tech-transfer, and finance. We urge you to finish your work. The Fast Start Finance promised pledges must be delivered. The Long Term Financing commitments must be adequate and coherent. There is neither need nor justification for more market mechanisms with more loopholes used as excuses for lax mitigation. We demand that the work of the LCA frames that of the ADP and that equity stands as a solid principle in the convention.

The LCA must not close without a guarantee that the Bali Action Plan will be implemented and carried through.

The science is clear. The future of our planet will be decided within this decade. The world is counting on you.

Delegates, please ask yourselves. How will you remembered? What is your climate legacy?

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