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9 organizations express willingness to be the host of UNFCCC’’s new Climate Technology Centre

March 30, 2012

A total of nine organizations have expressed their willingness to be the host of the UNFCCC’s new Climate Technology Centre (CTC).

The CTC, along with its Network, is the implementing arm of the UNFCCC’s Technology Mechanism, established at the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun in 2010.

The mechanism is designed to stimulate technology cooperation and to enhance the development and transfer of technologies to support developing country action on curbing greenhouse gas emissions and on adapting to the inevitable effects of climate change.

Governments meeting in Durban at the end of last year requested the UNFCCC Secretariat to issue a call for proposals for organizations that would like to serve as the CTC host.

The nine organizations that have stepped forward with proposals include UN agencies, business and civil society organizations and government bodies.

““I am impressed by the diverse array of organizations that want to play a key role in promoting clean and climate-safe technology. This enthusiasm is encouraging and bodes well for the success of the entire Technology Mechanism, which has the potential to be a central pillar of support for developing country action on climate change”,” said UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, the UN’s top climate change official.

An evaluation panel comprising six members of the Technology Executive Committee, the policy arm of the Technology Mechanism, is to meet on 2 April in Bonn to decide a short list of up to five candidates.

This short list will then be considered by governments meeting at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (14-–25 May).

In Bonn, the UNFCCC’s Subsidiary Body for Implementation will recommend the host of the CTC for final approval at the UN Climate Change Conference in Qatar at the end of the year (26 November to 7 December).

A full list of proponents and executive summaries of their proposals can be found on the UNFCCC web site at

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