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Call for Singapore Youth Climate Coalition

April 29, 2011

Passionate about climate change? Want to be part of a new initiative that seeks to initiate a diverse range of activities related to the issue in Singapore and in the wider region? Have to desire to know more about the issue and how it affects our society?

This year, we want to create a platform for passionate young people to engage in climate issues year round to make our work much more effective. It is a firm belief of ours that young people are the ones who have the most at stake as they will inherit the consequences of the decisions our current actions and policies. Therefore, it is essential to empower young people (YOU!) to holistically understand climate issues and take action as a result.

The coalition will work in two main areas; policy engagement as well as awareness and education.

For policy engagement, some of the activities may include consultation on youth views on climate change, government-youth dialogue sessions, policy forums and talks in educational institutions and participating in any Government consultation process. For awareness and education, it will be more targeted at a general audience and will include initiatives such as outreach activities on messages such as 350ppm, school talks, MOE engagement on formalizing climate education and campaigns/practical activities that reduce individuals’ carbon footprints.
Do sign up here and we will be contacting you soon thereafter!
For information about what we have done before do look here
Our post-Cancun report can also be found here
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