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World Leadership Conference Webinar Series: Capacity Building Towards Rio + 20

February 15, 2011

As a build up towards Rio + 20, there is a need to get the region more up to speed about the history of sustainable development, the current state of play, and the way forward. WLC2011 is dedicated this year towards the Rio + 20 consultation for the Asia and Pacific region to get together for a stronger position.

Starting from end of this month, you can expect a series of build up webinar session with international speakers coming in with their knowledge to share on the state of play and what we must do going forward.

This is a build up session towards the World Leadership Conference 2011 which is meant as a consultation for the Asia and Pacific region. However, we believe it is also important for the people (whether or not you are able to make it) to learn more about the Rio Summit and 20 years later, the Rio + 20 which will be due in 2012.

This series of Webinars was made possible with the support from the British Council funding.

Here are the scheduled dates and time in GMT (look further down for the upcoming session content):

  • 27 Feb (8am – 10am)
  • 13 Mar (8am – 10am)
  • 27 Mar (8am – 10am)
  • 10 Apr (8am – 10am)
  • 24 Apr (8am – 10am)
  • 8 May (8am – 10am)
  • 22 May (8am – 10am)
  • 5 Jun (8am – 10am)
  • 19 Jun (8am – 10am)

In order to participate in the Webinar Series, it is very simple. You should have the following:

  1. Your own computer
  2. Stable Internet Connection
  3. Web Camera*
  4. Mic*

*optional items

To sign up, please click on this link.

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