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COP16 plenary resumes…

December 11, 2010

[10 Dec 2010, 02:42]  Espinosa

  • Report by AWG-KP Chair.
  • CMP6 – Adoption of AWG-KP report – noting Bolivia’s concerns

[10 Dec 2010, 03:29] Espinosa

  • COP16 – Adoption of AWG-LCA report – noting Bolivia’s concerns
  • Mexican President appears~!!!
  • To limit (by not consensus), we will not permit that
  • Nobody was excluded from negotiations and agreements
  • convergence and reconciliation
  • not possible only to work with governments – roped in indigenous, academics, scientists, media, businessmen, etc.
  • what was achieved in practice? – shared global action
  • enable us to act, straight away
  • agreement between some 200 parties seemed almost impossible – paradox – success only if it achieved all that it had set out to do
  • colombia’s definition of good agreement – all parties are left equally dissatisfied – paradox of a multilateral negotiation
  • shared task agreed upon
  • <2 deg C – collective responsibility demonstrated
  • significant step in the right direction, creates new form of support for countries (developing countries)
  • tech transfer – Mexico setting up new institution
  • transfer of 1st package of $30 billion for immediate action from now to 2012
  • long-term financing – success – establishment of the Climate Fund – $100 billion annually for mitigation and adaptation
  • REDD+ mechanisms – economic resources available for indigenous communities
  • Cancun Agreements – renewed spirit of trust and cooperation – glimpse new horizons in preserving our shared planet, keeping it healthy
  • we have to reach agreement as mankind, as a planet
  • afford new stage of international cooperation – step up joint effort and refine our view
  • Gandhi – make new history
  • a future for future generations

[04:00] Venezuela

  • convert Cancun to opening day of the rest of the days remaining to face this challenge
  • we will work to reconcile our positions
  • we’ve got a path which we’re going to develop upon further

[04:02]  Lesotho

  • Green Climate Fund is one of the milestones
  • Cancun Agreement = good basis for way forward
  • LDC ready to work with all, to come up with an ambitious, LBA, in Durban next year

[04:06]  Bangladesh

… heading home… mainly just commendations for COP16 President Espinosa, Secretariat, and Mexican Government…

– Live from CANcun~!


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