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COP16 (Informal meeting) on 10 Dec 2010, 21:00

December 11, 2010
  • Information

Type: Plenary

Organizer: UNFCCC

Time: 12/10/2010 9:00:00 PM

Location: Ceiba


View the live streaming here, or watch this space for excerpts as it unfolds…

– – –

[21:37]  Bolivia

  • had asked for the floor in the earlier session, which was not given [Espinosa apologized]
  • uncomfortable with the security issues (Bolivia main negotiator was “denied entry” by security despite showing his delegation badge)
  • not accepting the text

– – –

[21:40]  COP16 President, Patricia Espinosa

  • acknowledged that the text did not have Bolivia’s input (but explained that the text was the outcome of work that had started several months ago)

– – –

[21:42] Peru

  •  recognizes the levels derived from current emissions is not ideal but we believe there should be a starting point
  • we have not decreased our ambitions to have a LBA
  • we firmly believe that we should accept this text and conclude the points raised

 – – –

[21:45] Venezuela

  •  accepts Mexico’s apologies for the security issues at the door
  • we’d seen on people’s faces – tears, fury
  • important to be aware that these hours are fundamental when it comes to the fate of the world and changing it
  • we should not leave anybody out
  • we should not stop listening to somebody just because we are close to success
  • success is only success if we listen to everybody
  • says Bolivia has legitimate concerns, and calls upon all delegations not to give up when we are so close
  • let us not be in too much of a hurry
  • let us recall that this is not the place for delegations to make substantive comments on the text – use the working groups instead
  • let us recall that this is an informal meeting – let us return to the working groups and let us set a time and we can reconvene the COP and CMP
  • this is not a 1-yr process, we’d worked for 5 years
  • I’m happy we’re so close

 – – –

[21:49] Korea

  • thanks for well balanced text
  • 2 weeks been roller coaster, with steep slopes like mexican mountain
  • since CPH meeting last Dec, international community has long awaited today’s text
  • mexican govt did not disappoint internal community
  • opening plenary – many countries emphasized real and balanced outcome here in Cancun
  • transparency and inclusiveness and essence of multilateralism – finally, it worked like magic
  • deep appreciation for – feelings of the Parties – progress based on previously agreed text (e.g. Bali, etc.)
  • had thought Cancun would only enhance the CPH outcome, and has given flesh to it
  • text clearly shown to move towards low-carbon strategies, etc.
  • korea’s strategy was included in text
  • long term climate fund (green fund) – clear signal to international community

– – –

[21:54] Grenada

  • not perfect yet, but “perfect should not be enemy of the good” – Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General
  • discourage detailed drafting in this meeting, encourage acceptance of the text and appreciation of your hard work
  • co-chaired the “Share Vision”
  • have few concerns but those can wait because it’s late and appreciate your work and dedication
  • encourage all parties to accept this text
  • We have left Cancun with something workable, something we can work with

– – –

[21:58] Switzerland / Environmental Integrity Group

  • EIG – includes A1 and non-A1 countries
  • special position to search for solution and compromise
  • text has parts that we like and dislike
  • members of the group can accept the proposed decision
  • thanks for strong leadership, and helped to change parties from being pessimistic and distrusting, to this cooperative atmosphere

– – –

[22:00]  Nicaragua

  • working group – last round to see how we can iron out the details to make it work for everybody
  •  facing humanity today, at the end of this conference, we must make a last effort, to hear the positions of everybody, within the framework of transparency and understanding

 – – –

[22:02]  Yemen

  • thanks for total transparency to drive commitment from all parties
  • today’s work suffices indeed

– – –

[22:04]  Australia

  • support of Oz delegation that has been put before the conference – well balanced, flexibility and compromise
  • signification win for multilateralism – represents substantial progress to deliver Climate Change
  • builds on the work done at CPH
  • goal of 2 deg C or lower
  • pathway to major emission cuts
  • economic opportunities for developing countries thru reafforestation
  • technology mechanism, decouple economic growth and development emissions
  • CC is a tremendous challenge for all – much work lies ahead, but this is a historic step for the benefit of all the people we represent
  • worked with Bagladesh for financing

– – –

[22:08]  Lesotho / LDC

  • pleased with the package – balance in the document, good foundation for Durban
  • all elements of building blocks has been included for a future that will start in Durban
  • vulnerability is addressed
  • gender issues in adaptation also addressed
  • grateful for this outcome

– – –

[22:11]  Saudi Arabia

  • special thanks to the team who worked with EU incessantly over the past 2 weeks
  • Espinosa managed to steer the ship to the right direction
  • we are indeed very close to reaching an agreement – one which considered all interests of all member states
  • balance
  • second the proposal tabled by Venezuela – request the 2 WGs to go back to discuss the minor details – short time expected for resolution

– – –

[22:15]  Cuba

  • tired yet enthusiastic
  • sharp contrast with the failure at CPH
  • universal participation, democracy, transparency, procedure
  • financial pressure from certain countries  – conspiracy theory (wrt CPH Accord)
  • Latin America and Carribean – Bolivia represents leadership – demands of the original people and culture
  • Balance – humans and nature
  • People should be heard in these halls
  • Called for more Civil Society voice
  • this is essentially talking about survival of human race, human beings
  • Cubans feel dissatisfied with the documents presented
  • 1)  no clear GHG emission reduction goals – insufficient, and worst case scenario = increase of 6%, best case scenario = still increase > 2degC
  • what would happen to SIDS if there is temp increase?
  • 2)  extreme urgency not reflected in the document
  • not in text – clear agreement to have a 2nd period of commitment under the KP
  • 3)  reminded of CPH – source of the funds not indicated
  • developed countries should provide the funds
  • align with Bolivia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia – take decisions on these documents before any decision is taken here at this plenary

– – –

[22:23]  Maldives

  • Survival depends on COP16 outcome & way-forward in COP17, etc.
  • negotiation = compromise / give-and-take
  • Cancun is going to be where we make concrete decisions that will be the building blocks for decisions in the future
  • very balanced package
  • we have made a lot of progress, especially in the last 24 hours, time to move forward, i.e. accept the package
  • the parties know they’re included in it
  • [applause]
  • applause speaks for itself, I think you should just move to the next stage!

– – –

[22:26]  Singapore (SM Jayakumar)

  • leadership, patience, elegance, tireless efforts for transparency, inclusiveness –> trust
  • text represents a delicate on competing demands
  • not a perfect document for all
  • text provides for the necessary compromises
  • need clarifications on some elements
  • this document is not an end but a step forward
  • lays a strong foundation for our work in 2011, as we strive towards a LBA at Durban

– – –

[22:29]  EU

  • multilaterism has shown results
  • here in Cancun, has taken substantial new steps
  • more definition has to be done and the way ahead is challenging

– – –

[22:31]  Turkey

  • thanks for patience and determination
  • cooperative spirit throughout Cancun – thanks to all delegations
  • this outcome gives hope to the rest of the world

– – –

[22:32]  Uruguay

  • Uruguay is mainly agricultural
  • this text has lost “language” since CPH but Uruguay sees major progress made (wrt tech transfer)

– – –

[22:35]  Bangladesh

  • thanks to chair of LCA and KP and all co-chairs on different issues
  • LDC concerns not all reflected
  • but we feel this is a good outcome (adaptation framework, loss and damage mechanisms, etc.)
  • there is outcome, to establish a Climate Green Fund
  • Perfection is not an accident
  • We can work later
  • We have 12 more months
  • we fully support and fully associate ourselves with this outcome
  • we should not stick to the small points, we should go forward
  • this is not the question of development for Bangladesh, this is the problem of survival

– – –

[22:38]  Guyana

  • echo the support for the text
  • delicate of the many views that had been expressed
  • LCA text – balanced provisions for adaptation, finance, technology, REDD+
  • text is not perfect
  • text can be basis for consensus that can grow over time
  • we risk jeopardising the progress we’d made over the past 12 months if we open the floor again
  • pls accept this text with the understanding that work will be done in the next year to address the issues

– – –

[22:41]  United States

  • this text points the way forward
  • thanks all facilitators

– – –

[22:42]  United Arab Emirates

  • process has been managed very very well, even if parties may have comments on some topics
  • text is basis for constructive work
  • this deal is not ideal but it’s a deal that works, and that works for us
  • advocates its adoption (the text)

– – –

[22:45]  Senegal

  • imperfect but has good results in it
  • some points have to be reviewed but in essence this is a good step forward for the next stage
  • those who have commitments should uphold them
  • our delegation remains positive
  • we support the text

– – –

[22:47]  Philippines

  • draft text received with guarded optimism
  • made progress, not in all areas, but it’s still progress regardless
  • we hope that we won’t have to wait another 16 years for another progress
  • hope for those yet to be born

– – –

[22:48]  Kenya

  • not perfect but attempted to achieve delicate balance
  • adaptation reflects many of the requests by developing countries
  • not included – loss and damage
  • ambiguity on mitigation
  • but support the text
  • plead with all to allow Cancun to send a message of hope to the world

 – – –

[22:52]  Costa Rica

  • ambitious goals set since Bali but we’re all sacrificing something by accepting this text for something better
  • we do not wish to leave Cancun emptyhanded
  • we support any decision you make
  • milestone
  • pls accept them (the text) as they stand

– – –

[22:53]  China

  • good platform for extensive communications and negotiations
  • good progress
  • ministers have provided good guidance and accelerated the progress
  • satisfied that the negotiations has firmly adhered to the Bali Roadmap and guided by “common by differentiated”
  • stable progress under implementation of KP
  • we have to continue in the future and it will be difficult
  • further to the cooperative spirit in Durban

– – –

[22:58] Pakistan

  • text = deep pragmatism and understanding of diverging positions
  • thanks for re-building trust
  • text = watershed in combating CC
  • we are on the path that can only lead to success
  • it has been difficult to discover this path
  • but let us not leave anybody behind in celebrating this path
  • we will engage constructively in any decisions made by you

– – –

[ 23:00]  Tajikistan

  • thanks facilitators, ministers, secretariat
  • key issues are adaptation and financing
  • without financial assistance from international community, we wouldn’t be able to successfully partake in projects to combat CC
  • we welcome the new established World Climate Fund
  • the provision of fast-track
  • these elements and other eleements for capacity building and tech transfer will help us build resilience to CC
  • one point of concern – membership
  • eastern europe – developing countries – can make significant contribution
  • we are under your leadership
  • we indicate strong support for the whole package
  • balanced, equitable
  • go beyond national interests
  • future COPs  – truly inclusive, transparent, successful

– – –

[23:04]  Afghanistan

  • vulnerability not considered in the text
  • however, we are fully aware that we need to be flexible in negotiations to make progress
  • we align with the text

– – –

[23:06]  Japan

  • nature of the informal meeting – I will have precise and concise comments
  • deep support to the draft text to be hopefully adopted as it is
  • each member would like to raise points but at this late hour, pls join us to support the presidential effort

– – –

[23:08]  Algeria (on behalf of African Group)

  • thanks for warm hospitality
  • Cancun has thanks to renewed confidence, is breathing new life into combating CC
  • reinstating competency in the international negotiations
  • 1 united African voice – we need to move forward – support the text
  • Africa is waiting for you

– – –

[23:10]  India

  • great challenge for Mexico is that it’s very near to its Northern neighbours and very far from God
  • tonight, God has been very close to Mexico
  • Goddess has also been present today
  • restored the confidence of the world community in the multilaterism and its process
  • gives us the confidence to look ahead and fight CC in the spirit of constructive compromise
  • all have gained and all have compromised
  • still some concerns but we’re on a process where the trust deficit has been breached
  • will move forward with the “give-and-take”
  • will be proactive, progressive, participative,…
  • mood of the house should triumph the process
  • 2 standing ovations before the concert has started
  • we have confidence in you to call the meeting for 2 WG
  • you are empowered by this huge house to carry out whatever changes are required, to reflect the divergent viewpoints to the point that they can be accommodated
  • we do have an agreement in Cancun

– – –

[23:16]  Colombia

  • unthinkable sight – positive and constructive sentiment
  • legitimacy and support for the process
  • ambience in this room – pls adopt the Cancun package without further ado

– – –

[23:18]  Ecuador

  • unique and abundant biodiversity and cultural diversity
  • severe effects – millions of climate refugees in this world
  • special thanks for your leadership
  • avoided emissions – leaving 20% of our oil reserves underground to promote the need of recognizing nature’s rights as it appears in our constituency
  • we should recognize deficient
  • we’re guaranteeing
  • we should demand more of ourselves and not accept anything lesser
  • 2nd round of KP commitment needs to be enforced, 2012
  • World Bank intermittent control over the funds – not ideal but necessary to secure the funds
  • social benefit of the world – flexibility in IP for tech transfer to developing countries
  • necessary to consider these observations
  • enthusiasm acknowledged but we require more from ourselves
  • we must support those who noticed the holes – Bolivia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia

– – –

[23:24]  Indonesia

  • thanks for building consensus between the 2 WGs
  • urgency to move forward
  • took note that text is far from perfect
  • noticed considerable elements of convergence taht can be taken for further discussion
  • Indonesia ready to work with partners to work out differences and reach convergence

– – –

[23:27]  Zambia

  • text is not perfect but a building block to what MUST be achieved in South Africa
  • must NOT reopen debate but move forward to seal
  • thanks for restoring our confidence

– – –

[23:27] Chile

  • congrats
  • clear political signal of wanting to do things the right way
  • no doubt that lots still remains to be done to ensure our children and grandchildren have a guaranteed future
  • as Costa Rica said, Cancun has become a milestone in international negotiations which we do not want to throw away

– – –

[23:30]  Brazil

  •  document is a balanced in its essence, although not perfect
  • part of our expectations has been met
  • sondierable progress has been made from Cancun
  • tools that we cannot put aside
  • Brazil fully support – let’s adopt it

– – –

[23:32]  Argentina

  • document is reasonable
  • cost of any delay is geometric
  • funds should be available quickly
  • let us go for more in South Africa

– – –

[23:34]  Dominican Republic

  • Support G77+China, AOSIS, etc.
  • urgency of crystallizing the agreenment
  • agreements on MRV, REDD+, lower costs of reporting
  • haven’t diminished ambitions
  • crucial to contrast what we want (in immediate future) and what is feasible
  • timely decisions
  • support fully

– – –

[23:36]  Timor Leste

  • realistic expectations – acceptable document
  • it’s almost a good document
  • establishment of frameworks
  • enabling mitigation and tech transfer in developing countries
  • may we achieve the world is expecting for, in South Africa

– – –

[23:39]  Benin

  • success of text = owe this to the parties and you
  • support the text – significant step forward in terms of achieving international agreement (suppoted by developed and developing countries)
  • good for taking the next step forward

– – –

[23:41]  U. Rep. Tanzania

  • millions of people already suffering from Climate Change
  • support the text
  • now!

– – –

[23:42]  Kuwait

  • last speaker on the list!
  • after failure of CPH, we came afraid that we cannot reach an agreement in Cancun
  • most able captain of this ship
  • must take into consideration, the loopholes mentioned by some
  • we belong to oil producing countries but we also believe we belong to this international community
  • cardinal principle of our religion
  • children – “stop talking and start planting”
  • yes, cancun can
  • yes, women can

 – – –

[23:46]  Patricia Espinosa

  • indeed, as we expected, the package we have, does not satisfy anybody 100%
  • we had anticipated this, because on such a complex issue, so many aspects being dealt with, and so many different situations that countries must face
  • this is quite simple and quite natural too
  • all of you would see your concerns reflected to SOME degree
  • a lot remains to be done
  • throughout this year, when it comes to CC, we’re discussing an issue, it’s a process that all countries must progress together
  • we should not see this Cancun conference as an end – rather, a beginning of a new stage of cooperation on a solid basis
  • we all have a responsibility
  • towards ourselves, our children, our future generations
  • text appears to be the best that we could achieve, at this step of this long process
  • several speakers said to listen to all speakers
  • we had been listening to all voices, even those who previously, not been listened to
  • civil society – some people cannot be physically here; such dial0gues led to space for co-existence, for interaction
  • important to listen to the dialogue with representatives from private sectors
  • need to further review in greater depth, many of the documents we have before us
  • will follow up on all the issues, which still need to be continued in South Africa
  • communications is key to moving forward
  • i cannot fail to acknowledge many delegations that we can adopt these texts we have, as-is.
  • these are not mexican text! – work started since long ago
  • my intention is to continue listening and dialogue
  • nevertheless, at this junture, at this late hour, I’ll like to call the chairs of the WGs, so they can bring their work over this session, to a close
  • I will proceed immediately to prepare for the closure of this session
  • I hope their sessions will be brief, so we can go on to the final plenary of this conference
  • this informal meeting is now adjourned!

 [END – 23:59]

– Live from CANcun…. CAN you, or CAN’T you…?


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