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COP16 (AWG-KP15, 2nd meeting) on 11 Dec 2010, 00:10

December 11, 2010


Type: Plenary

Organizer: UNFCCC

Time: 12/11/2010

Location: Ceiba

View the live streaming here, or watch this space for excerpts as it unfolds…

– – –

[12:15]  Bolivia

  •  we’re not sure what document we’re talking about because the document is not here
  • 2nd period commitment – strong reservations about continuous of project-based mechanisms – even on item 6(b) – not even sure of we have 2nd commitment
  • reference year, considering under KP, we have base-year
  • we’re changing the whole basis for KP and that is unacceptable for our delegation

– – –

[12:19]  Bolivia

  • Re-state – it is not enough that this be reported to the Presidency
  • We have reservations, and therefore it cannot be adopted  [Chair:  we will include the reservations of Bolivia in the report and inform the CMP]

– – –


[12:21]  Yemen

  • no statements

– – –

Australia – didn’t ask for the floor!

– – –

[12:21]  Grenada

  • Thank you for shepherding this process for the whole year
  • amidst all the euphoria, still disappointed with mitigation
  • KP, 2011

– – –

[12:23]  Lesotho – no statement

[12:23]  Switzerland – prepared a long list but will not make a statement

– – –

[12:24]  Sudan

  • language of KP – not a decisions language
  • nature of the extension of the KP for next year – suggestions of how we’re dealing with this issue?

 [webcast transmission lost.. arghhh]

– Live from CANcun…. CAN you, or CAN’T you…?


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