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Dialogue with SM Jayakumar & Dr Yaacob at COP16

December 10, 2010

(From left to right, Dr Yacoob Ibrahim, Wilson Ang, Teh Yi Ying, LJ Jang, Logaswari M, Professor S Jayakumar, Tan Wen Yun, Judy Goh, Lee Zhe Yu)

The 16th Conference of Parties (COP16) for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is hosted by Mexico this year.  The intersessionals and the annual COP allow for delegates from all over the world to come together to negotiate a resolution on climate change.  In addition, we recognize COP as an opportunity for youth engagement with their home countries’ official delegations and to understand the rationale behind certain decisions or positions made at international levels or at local and regional scales.

ECO Singapore’s COP16 Youth Delegation secured this morning a dialogue with Singapore’s Senior Minister Professor S Jayakumar, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Dr Yaacob Ibrahim and Permanent Secretary of National Climate Change (Under the Prime Minister’s Office) Mr Tan Yong Soon.

Our team brought up some questions on pertinent issues that are related to the youth in Singapore, future efforts to combat climate change in Singapore and Singapore’s role in the UNFCCC process. We also asked for their opinions on a possible legally-binding agreement, as well as public education on climate change as per Article 6.

Speaking candidly on several issues, Prof. S. Jayakumar gave an overview of the current negotiations from Singapore’s point of view and shared key points from his statement delivered as seen on this website. He also expressed interest in youth participation and initiative in tackling climate change back in Singapore, especially in generating a bottom-up movement.

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim provided a realistic perspective on Singapore’s efforts during the dialogue and encouraged youths to take an active role in reducing their carbon footprint by being resource efficient.

During the informal session, we had the opportunity to present the ASEAN Youth Climate Statement which reflects youth perspectives on climate change action in the Southeast Asian region.  You can access it online here.We thank them for their time and valuable insight into the Singapore perspective on climate change negotiations.

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