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An intervention

December 9, 2010

I remember the first time that my GP teacher showed us the video of Severn Cullis Suzuki speaking at the conference in Rio in 1992. I got the chance to watch another speech- a live one, from my our new friends.

Alina is a youth from Nepal, who is extremely passionate about environmental issues and had been given the chance to an intervention(its a speech and you’re given just 2 minutes to do it) during the meeting of the AWG-KP conact group.

We practised the speech at the beach of the Moon Palace at 6.30 in pitch balck darkness. And at 7.40 we left to do/watch her intervention. I had the opportunity to watch her practise and I later had the opportunity to sit beside her and be inspired by her intervention.

One might not think that the practise and the real intervention are very different. But when I sat beside her in the chairs that were reserved for the civil society and as she leaned toward the mike. I felt so absolutely inspired.

I felt that this was our chance to speak up, our chance to exercise the power of youth that was given to us. Her face(as well as as mine) were up on the 3 giant screens that were in the Cenote room and during those 2 minutes, we were inspired and we knew that we had the power to do something.

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