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ASEAN Youth Climate Statement at COP16

December 8, 2010

Here’s a little update on what we ASEAN youth have been doing at COP16! šŸ™‚

A few of us have come together to formulate an ASEAN youth climate statement regarding our views on issues pertinent to the ASEAN region that will be presented to our respective governments during and after COP16. As a region that is highly vulnerable to climate change and at the same time gaining political clout on the international platform, it is highly crucial that ASEAN be persuaded into swift and effective climate change action, especially in areas of mitigation and adaptation. In all, we seek to remind all ASEAN members of their commitment to conserving the environment which has brought about its economic growth and prosperity, and also towards an integrated and effective approach to ensuring a better world for generations to come.

Please read through the ASEAN statement here or access it through the link at this Google form If you agree with the statement, please fill up the form in the previously mentioned link to show us that you undersign and have full support for it. We would really appreciate it if as many people as possibleĀ Ā from your respective countries can be informedĀ as we wish to garner as much support as possible. This will then show our statement to be not only credible, but also the true and reflective voice of the existing superpower known as public opinion.

We sincerely hope that you will show utmost support for this statement and we thank you for your time and commitment towards better climate change action in the region šŸ™‚

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