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Peasants Cool the Planet / International Day of Action for Climate Justice

December 7, 2010

Below Info from filmmaker, Kevin Hansen, live from Cancun~!

1000+ marchers approaching 500+- Federal police, 2 helicopters, 10% of the marchers wearing masks, most in the front ranks. Full riot gear, body armor, shields – road narrowed with double barricades – both sides, all 4 lanes blocked. We have two cameras on this one.

CNN Mexico got me in.



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We had an ETHICS conference yesterday where we’d talked about climate justice, gender inequality, etc.

I think that different cultures have different ways of communicating with each other.  There are no rights or wrongs in cultural practices.  We cannot judge others based on our own values.  We must try to communicate and understand and compromise.  Like what COP16 President, Patricia Espinosa, said… FLEXIBILITY AND BALANCE ARE KEY…

Below is how the Civil Society in Cancun is responding to Climate Injustice.  They’ve had no voice for a long time…. I hope the global politicians can hear them, their own citizens, and realise how important it is to address the issues raised, but in a calm and peaceful manner.

International Day of Action for Climate Justice.

Below are some excerpts…

This march which will take place in the backdrop of the Forum for Life, Social and Environmental Justice in Cancun, Mexico and has as its main slogan “Peasants cool the planet”. This message summarizes the peoples’ proposal to solve the climate crisis and is also reflected in the resolutions that emerged from the peoples’ summit held in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

With colorful flags, hats, signs, posters, and lots of music the protesters will announce their opposition to the mechanisms being imposed in COP 16 such as the false solutions of carbon markets, REDD, agrofuels and geoengineering being imposed on the peoples of the world.

The popular power generated through these actions is aimed at bringing sustainable and just solutions to solve the climate crisis. In this context, the negotiations of COP 16 can be seen in their true perspective: sand throwing in our eyes for corporate profit rather than the hard decision making needed for social and environmental justice.

– Live from CANcun…. CAN you, or CAN’T you…?


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  1. December 7, 2010 7:43 pm

    7 Dec 2010, 13:38

    Big problem is the marchers have no way out of the barricade cul-de-sac. They are likely to be trapped by walls of police and barricades.

    Plus they are hot, ttired and angry; the ‘singers of the chants’ have worked them up, especially the front line that is masked.


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  2. December 7, 2010 8:05 pm

    7 Dec 2010 14:01

    Marchers have rallied 1km north of the barricade, using a big agricultural truck to block the southbound highway 307.

    Federal agents are being moved in formation.

    Federal police have moved 90% of my estimates of 700 police behind the barricade.

    One km apart and holding.


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