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Cap and SHARE v.s. Cap and TRADE

December 7, 2010

There isn’t only one way to go about reducing emissions.  However, under the pressure of time and other “background” forces, most people are only choosing from a very limited menu of options.  Hasty choices may not be the best choices.

I may choose to buy a really unhealthy burger now because I’m famished, but that shouldn’t stop me from buying some fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare a healthy dinner later, right?  =)

Hence, I would encourage everybody to step out and look farther.   Do realize that there needs to be SYSTEMIC CHANGE in order to achieve PARADIGM SHIFT for true sustainable development.  Don’t be blinded by “distractions” from the “truth”.

– – – – –

Press Release

Embargoed until 0900 GMT Monday 6 December 2010

As climate negotiations this week in Cancun in Mexico try to rescue
anything face-saving from the ashes of Copenhagen, and as the planet
continues to heat up regardless, a simple idea called Cap & Share –
which would simultaneously control emissions and boost equality – has
been gaining attention.

Of course, the prospect of cutting out all the financial middle-men
does not appeal to everyone, as a covert video recently obtained by
freakyleaks demonstrates only too well ….

Notes to editors:
Cap & Share is a policy for capping (limiting and then reducing)
carbon emissions, which was hailed by the UK Sustainable Development
Commission in 2009 as one of its ‘Breakthrough Ideas of the 21st

It is simple, cheap, fair, efficient and effective, and can
be applied globally or on a country-by country basis.
Cap & Share and other simple carbon reduction policies are the subject
of a UNEP side-event at the COP-16 climate talks at Cancun on 6
December 2010.

More information from;
Brian Davey +44 (0) 115 9705985 or
Laurence Matthews +44 (0) 1497 820152

– Live from CANcun…. CAN you, or CAN’T you…?


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