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SM to deliver statement at High-Level Segment after Tuvalu

December 6, 2010

Full list of speakers for the high-level segment attended by Heads of States and Heads of Government and other heads of delegationcan be found here (Page 19).

The list below is the preliminary list of speakers who wish to deliver a statement at the high-level segment under agenda item 9 of the COP and agenda item 14 of the CMP. It is provisionally divided into morning, afternoon to facilitate the organization of the order of speakers.

Partial list of the speakers in the Wednesday, 8 December 2010 afternoon (10am - 1pm) High-level segment session

Singapore’s Senior Minister Shunmugam Jayakumar will be delivering a 3-minute national statement in the afternoon session (10.00am to 13.00pm) of the high-level segment. He will follow H.E. Mr. Enele Sosene Sopoaga, Deputy Prime Minister for Tuvalu.

Last year, Tuvalu led negotiations at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen to a dramatic break down by asking for – and getting – a suspension of climate negotiations to gain time to resolve an apparent split amongst developing countries between those who favour a new protocol and others who want to continue with the legally binding Kyoto agreement.

Protests followed Tuvalu’s Ian Fry’s impassioned plea at COP15 for the fate of his country.

Tuvalu Demonstrations at COP15 in Copenhagen last year

Last year’s climate summit saw Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Apisai Ielemia deliver the national statement where he argued that “No short term finance can buy our long term future”. But will Tuvalu create the same commotion it did this time around?

In an earlier interview with H.E. Mr. Enele Sosene Sopoaga, who also holds the position of Minister of Environment, Foreign affairs and Labors in Tuvalu, he was cited saying

“Unfortunately, We didn’t get any satisfied results from COP15 in Copenhagen. Pacific island countries, especially Tuvalu, are actually affected by the increasing intensity of cyclones, coastal erosion which is considered to be occurred by the sea-level rise. There is no time left to us. Nevertheless, developed countries such as Japan are talking about restructuring the framework of Kyoto Protocol. They should leave it and add postscripts if it is necessary, and make an effort to win BRICS over to our side. Regarding the contents of the present Kyoto Protocol, we need quick-acting medicine. We do not have a moment to lose. I want strongly to convince world society that “now is the time to take action”.” (via Tuvalu-news.TV)

I guess we’ll just have to wait to see to how negotiations will turn out! And how will Singapore follow? Stay tuned!

**Update to the list can be found via this link on Page 45. SM will be speaking after Honduras and before Qatar.

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