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Your questions to Senior Minister S Jayakumar on Climate Change

December 3, 2010


We are pleased to share that we are in the midst of arranging a dialogue session with SM Jayakumar at this point. He will arrive on 7th December 2010 (Mexico time) and we will be having the young delegation to have a chat up with him on matters on Climate Change from his perspective and Singapore’s intention at this negotiation. We’d also hope to get some other insights as well into our regional strategy and even the education matters in this area.

Therefore, we are opening up to invite anyone who is interested to submit questions to us so we may consolidate them as we ask him. You can submit your questions online here.

However, prior to sending in your question, we’d advise you read up first so that you can bring up questions that were not already been addressed in the media and their released document.

Just some background on Senior Minister S Jayakumar and his portfolio here.

And the National Climate Change Strategy Office website here.

The recent launch of the report available here.

So do send in your question to us soonest!We hope to hear from you soon.

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