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Villa en cambio climatico

November 29, 2010

Villa de cambio climatico, otherwise known as the climate change village, was our first stop today on the first day of the official conference, given that a few others and myself only have accreditation for the 2nd week or have been unable to obtain accreditation to enter the official conference venues. Cambio climatic functions as an alternative venue and space not only for projects, campaigns and activities related to climate change action, but also as a point of contact for youth. From what I understand, Mexican youth will be holding their very own COY there as well (:

Photos will be uploaded later (: still picking out the best ones!

Take a look at how the village looks like in the following photos 😀 The place mainly relies on natural ventilation, given that the weather is rather cool and windy here. In addition to a dining area and exhibition area, there are other tents around, with one focusing on educating young children about climate change (as evident from the many interactive exhibits present). Also, the venue hosts nightly concerts at 8pm to entertain the crowd and give visitors a good feel of mexico’s music scene and nightlife! As almost all exhibits were in Spanish and we didn’t bring a local friend along, it was a little challenging to understand what was being put on display.

Nonetheless, there was still much to be gained from the trip there, one being the visit to an exhibit called “Let The Children Speak”. Organized by a school, teachers and their students – both children and youth – got together to make two earths using paper marche technique, one representing their ideal world, and the other a world they do not want. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves 🙂 The visual impact is really amazing and impressive, given that they are not professional artists at all.

Another interesting exhibit was by China’s Chen Faqing, a disabled farmer who donated $40 000 to la COP. According to the volunteers running the booth, his home is one of the most rundown in his village, yet he chose to donate the money to this cause he passionately believes in. Do read up and find out more about China’s Forrest Gump here (or you can simply google his name and find out from various sources), and I’m sure you’ll be equally inspired 🙂

That’s all from us for now, keep checking this space to hear more about not just COP16, but also what we’ll bring to you from Klimaforum10 😀 Take care in sunny Singapore!

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