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Unable to make it to the Conference Of Youth at Cancun, Mexico?

November 28, 2010

In less than a 12 hours, the first ever Virtual Conference Of Youth (COY) will begin.

Annually since 2005, the youth will come together and organise a Conference Of Youth (COY) prior to the actual UNFCCC COP/MOP negotiation session to bring together young people all over the world on the same page for more effective efforts at these official UN sessions. COY is where like minded young people learn, strategise and… network together for solutions on the climate problem the world is facing.

This year, we are taking it to the next level, harnessing on the age of technology to bring the spirit of Youth Efforts to the larger community, especially those who are interested but are not able to make it to the negotiations or COY.

Capturing some of the essence of the COY this year, we have carefully selected a few session that we think may be most beneficial for you in your own country, to know about the UNFCCC session, what are the young people all around the world are doing and hopefully inspire YOU to do something back in your home country.

However, being the first time we are doing this, we intend to do it humbly and not build up too high expectations.

In order to participate in Virtual COY, it is very simple. You should have the following:
1. Your own computer
2. Stable Internet Connection
3. Web Camera*
4. Mic*
*optional items

We hope you’d be able to join us in the virtual COY and share this with your friends so that more can benefit out of it. You may also organise yourselves in groups in your own country, just let us know and we’d also pay more attention to you.

Also note, upon signing up, we would confirm you and you will receive an invitation 24 hours prior to the session to click on the link. You do NOT need to download anything, just click on the link at the time slot and you are in! It is that simple.

We will be using the technology called WebEx ( by Cisco. You can check it out online on what you can expect during the session on the trial video.

This Virtual COY was made possible with the support from the British Council funding that is used to purchase this technology and for the use of COY session.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Wilson at

We look forward for your kind participation in our Inaugural Virtual COY session!

If you have not signed up yet, do so now here, and we will send you the log in instructions!

-on 28th Nov (all are based on local time in Mexico which is GMT -6H)

10am – 11am
Basic Introduction to UNFCCC Process (English)
Presenter: Sebastian Dyucks

Setting up a national youth climate coalition (English)
Presenter: Abhishek Shrestha

11am – 12pm
Youth Mobilization & Global Climate Politics (English)
Presenter: Esperanza Garcia

Carbon Markets and the Clean Development Mechanism
Presenter: Kyle Gracey

12pm – 1pm
Women and Climate Change; Water, Food Security and Poverty (English)
Presenter: Carmen Capriles

1pm – 2pm
Sensibilisation sur le changement climatique (French)
Presenter: Philippe Junior SIBIRO

2pm – 3pm (Session TBC)
Understanding the Policy of the KP and the current State of Play (English)
Presenter: Florent Baarsch

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