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ASEAN+? You got it :)

November 27, 2010

Today, we had our very own ASEAN+ regional session 😀 where we engaged in active discussions on our individual strategies in tackling climate change. We had people from all over East and South Asia participating in this session: Nepal, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Japan. We had great collaboration on various possible follow-ups, from having an oceans working group due to the rich marine biodiversity existing in Southeast Asia, to producing a common Asian statement on climate change action to be presented to our governments.

Say hello to the ASEAN youth! 😀

Each country presented on the success stories, the statement that they’re drafting out and the assistance that they would require from their fellow delegates. The Philippines’ ECO-Ambassadors had really big, creative ideas on giving out little potted plants on Valentine’s Day to encourage tree-planting. The Japanese were drafting out their statement to their government on limiting the carbon emissions such that the temperature rise doesn’t rise above 2 degrees.

These are not notes, neither are they minutes for the breakout session. They’re just really cool ideas, initiated but normal people.

On our end, we met up with the Filipino and Indonesian delegates to initiate a new Southeast Asian working group. The nature of environmental problems faced by South East Asia is very unique to the area, especially because of the rich biodiversity and the region’s vulnerability to climate change. So, the first order of the day was to start out to draft a statement to ASEAN on climate change. You’ll hear more about it soon. Bye for now.

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