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good resource on ASEAN and climate change

October 23, 2010

Just found a brilliant read. Really couldn’t find good, valid, recent documents on ASEAN and climate change other than the ASEAN ministers’ joint response to climate change. Its called the Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia, a regional review, and its by the Asian Development Bank.

You can find it at as a PDF

This document is a little long, at 258 pages, but its got everything from why ASEAN is vulnerable to the effects of climate change to carbon emissions to the export of grains as well.

The great part is that they’ve got all the definitions like REDD and CDM explained as they go along, with relevant, so its a good introduction for those who aren’t used to all the acronyms and need a clearer picture.

Do take a read because its an official document and even the limitations and the environmental disasters that are occuring(Haze) are put forth in a rather tactful and factual manner, especially since everything that say is supported by quite a bit of research. Its colourful for those of you looking for a pleasant not-so-academic read.

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  1. Devin permalink
    October 24, 2010 5:28 am

    It’s so true Gesh! Not even a journal article. I’ve been using the ADB report as well. Let’s hope some institutions in ASEAN member states are making the effort sothat more resources on ASEAN and climate change will be available for public soon.

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