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Environmental Crises in the news

July 22, 2010

So The Straits Times today is full of bad news… let me just list a few of the headlines:

  • Floods unavoidable after ‘extraordinary rainfall’: Limited space for run-offs for canals, says MM Lee (Prime, A1)
  • More heavy rain ahead, warns weatherman (Prime, A1 & cont on A6)
  • Rain from China storm heading for Singapore (Prime A4, A6, A8, A10-11)
  • 100mm: Expect floods if this much rain falls in an hour (Prime, A8) (For PUB’s list of floor prone areas, click here)
  • 700 killed so far in China floods (Prime, A10)
  • Millions around Indian Ocean at risk from rising sea levels: Study (Prime, A10)
  • Latin America in grip of deep freeze: Dozens die: cold snap hits tropical areas too (Prime, A11)
  • Gas crisis looms in Malaysia: It’ll need to import gas unless KL overhauls costly subsidy policy (a good read!!) (Prime, A14)
  • Substation blast causes blackout in Jakarta (Prime, A15)
  • China: ‘Severe threat to sea life’ as slick spreads (referring to the Dalian oil spill over the weekend) (Prime, A22)
  • Toxic waste leak: 2 top environmental officials held – Toxic wastewater leaking from Zijinshan Copper Mine on July 3 contaminated the Ting river, killing nearly (and get this!) 1,900 tonnes of fish (Prime, A22)
  • Gulf oil spill could cost 100,000 jobs, says study (Prime, A23)

And that’s just the Prime section! My goodness.

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