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London’s Bicycle Superhighway opens TODAY!

July 20, 2010

I am so excited that this is happening in London. I was in London in 2008 doing an exchange program and I recall bikers having to don reflective vests for safety and to avoid getting hit by London buses (the equivalent to Singapore’s crazy taxi drivers in terms of safety)! This highway certainly does provide cyclists with a safer option than riding dangerously on narrow paths and having to share the left lanes of roads with cars and buses. Oh and the bicycle highway is BLUE! :D!!!!!

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Oh, and I thought I’d compare it to what we’re doing here in sunny little Singapore. Dedicated cycling lanes have been in the news recently and I’m glad to announce (based on news reports of course) that several of our New Towns are going to get dedicated cycling lanes. Here are some features of these lanes:

  • 2m wide paths (wider than the London ones which are only 1.5m wide!)
  • Lanes connecting them to amenities such as MRT stations, schools, markets and the existing Park Connector Network linking the parks across the island
  • Paths will be complemented by bike racks and spaces at bus and MRT stations, thus encouraging the use of public transport
  • Cycling paths will help keep down the number of accidents involving cyclists on roads. Last year, 17 cyclists and pillion riders died on the road. The year before, 22 did.

Here is a list of the New Towns that already have cycling paths or are going through upgrading (announced in February 2009, to be completed by 2012):

  1. Yishun
  2. Tampines
  3. Pasir Ris
  4. Sembawang
  5. Taman Jurong

And the ones that will be getting dedicated cycling lanes (by 2014):

  1. Changi-Simei
  2. Bedok

Oh and more news! Marina Bay is set to become a “showcase cycling town” by 2014! Yes you saw right. (Full article can be viewed at

MARINA Bay will be criss-crossed by a 16km network of cycling paths by 2014, becoming the first area in the city with such a facility.

When completed, residents and office workers in the area will be able to cycle on bike-dedicated stretches linking the Marina Bay Financial District, Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, Marina Barrage and the future Gardens by the Bay.

A $26 million fund has been set aside for the construction works, which will begin this year.

Marina Bay will also be a showcase of how cycling paths can be developed along with a neighbourhood.

The Transport Ministry said the area was chosen because it is not yet fully built-up, making it easier to install infrastructure and plan the pathways.

On the other hand, areas like Shenton Way and Orchard Road, already built up, are more difficult to retrofit with cycling paths.#

Also check out this article by Olive Ventures on Cycling in Singapore.

Cool! 🙂


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