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World Cities Summit Day 1

June 28, 2010

Zhe Yu and I are currently at the media centre, getting prepared for the busy day ahead and strategizing in terms of which sessions we are going for. I’m headed to the IBM Media Roundtable: Smarter Cities for smarter growth – Why people move to cities, while Zhe Yu will be attending the ISWAWMRAS Technical Workshop 2010.

The IBM session that I’ll be attending will see Mr Gerard Mooney, GM of the Global Government and Education Dept of IBM Corp extend IBM’s call for smarter cities. He will be leveraging on the “smarter cities for smarter growth” whitepaper and address:

  • How cities can unlock the productivity potential of the modern workforce
  • New economic model (brains and creativity) vs Old economic model (workers as a substitute to  capital-led growth)
  • Top cities account for a third of global GDP and act as economic hubs (Seoul, Budapest, Brussels)
  • By 2030, the stock of highly educated migrants will more than double
  • Next steps leaders should take: focus on city’s core systems (transport, health, public safety, government services and education)
  • Singapore’s intelligent transport system; Beijing’s integrated healthcare and other examples of smarter cities

Zhe Yu has just left for hall 325 and his workshop will see Mr Jeff Cooper, Vice President of ISWA present on Energy from Waste – Barriers, Opportunities, Realities; Mr Edwin Khew, CEO/MD of IUT Global Pte Ltd present on Organic Waste Treatment Technologies as well as Mr Venkatesha Murthy, Director of Cimelia Resource Recovery Pte Ltd speak on Sustainable e-waste recycling technologies before lunch!

F0r the full program of the WCS please click here! Do let us know which you might like us to pop in and we’ll definitely try our best to go! 🙂


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