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World Cities Summit 2010: Liveable & Sustainable Cities for the Future

June 25, 2010

The World Cities Summit 2010 is to be held in Singapore next week, from the 28th of June to the 1st of July. This year, the theme is “Liveable and Sustainable Cities for the Future”.  There will be a series of Expert Panel Sessions for government representatives, policy makers and specific industry experts to discuss the challenges and solutions faced by cities around the world in greater details. These sessions are grouped under six concurrent tracks namely:

In addition to the Expert Panel Session, it’s interesting to note that the WCS committee has taken come eco-friendly measures to make sure the event is clean and green! These measure help offset some of the carbon footprint from the event.

  1. The official hotels for our invited dignitaries and speakers are of close proximity to Suntec Convention Centre.
  2. The press kit is loaded onto reusable portable electronic media instead of print
  3. Our conferences serve drinking water from jugs instead of providing bottled water
  4. Video walls are used to minimise the use and production of construction materials
  5. Our catered meals use porcelain ware instead of disposable cutlery
  6. Collection points for the conference badges are setup at our exits
  7. Recycling bins are setup at the entrances and exits of our venue
  8. The temperature of the venue is set to no lower than 25 degree celsius
  9. Disposable bottles are collected for recycling for all the learning journeys
  10. Our conference proceedings and speakers’ presentation slides are distributed through our website instead of through the printed media at our event
  11. The organisers encourages our contractors and suppliers to go green whenever possible

Great effort on the part of the WCS team but how about carbon offset from flying mayors and distinguished speakers in? In any case, I’m still pretty excited about being able to attend as part of the media to gather information and write a piece in the August issue of ECO Express! 😀

In the meantime, if any of you would like more information about the World Cities Summit 2010, please visit their website here.

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