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Go Blackle!

June 8, 2010

Blackle, the energy saving Google Homepage! Switch today!

Blackle is exactly like Google, being powered by Google Custom Search. It was started out by Heap Media to encourage people to take small steps in our everyday lives to save energy. Basically, white screens use more energy to power/light up, so black screens save energy 🙂 So switch to Blackle today!!

If you think that black screens are bad for the eyes, like some of my colleagues here at ECO Singapore do… use Forestle! Forestle is a “green” internet search engine. With every search, 0.1 meters square of rainforest is saved. Forestle earns advertising revenue from clicks on “sponsored links”. These are text links which are displayed next to the generic search results on the result page of our search engine. The sponsored links at Forestle are delivered by our partner Yahoo.

All of Forestle’s income (minus about 10% administrative costs) is donated to the adopt an acre program, which is run by The Nature Conservancy – one of the most renowned environmental protection organizations in the world. They use the money, which is generated by Forestle, for the sustainable protection of the most precious rainforests on our planet.

Do also check out these websites too! They offer the top  green search engines!

15 of the Best Green Search Engines

The Best Green Search Engines

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