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Concept Plan 2011 Focus Group Public Forum

April 22, 2010

Want to have a hand in deciding what goes into the Concept Plan 2011?

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is embarking on the review of the Concept Plan. As part of the Concept Plan 2011 review, two focus groups have been formed to seek feedback from the public on how we can continue to provide a good quality of life for all including the elderly, grow in a sustainable way and retain our identity as we plan for the long-term development of Singapore.

The two focus groups have concluded their discussions and would like to seek your views and feedback on their preliminary recommendations via two public forums on 6 and 10 May at 6pm. They will be held at the URA:

The URA Centre
45 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069118
1st storey atrium

Register here! I think most of you may be interested in the one on the 6th of May: Sustainability and Identity on 6 May 2010, Thursday, 6pm but there are only 46 seats left! So register NOW!


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