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CNN’s Eco Solutions vs. ChannelNewsAsia’s Saving Gaia

March 24, 2010

So I chanced upon CNN’s Eco Solutions webpage and realised how comprehensive it was covering stories from all over the world.

About Eco Solutions

With reports every Monday and a monthly show, Eco Solutions takes viewers around the world to meet people with solutions to preserve the planet who are putting them into practice.

Monthly show times
All times GMT
Thursday, Mar 18, 8.30; Friday, Mar 19, 03.00; Saturday, Mar 20, 8.30, 17.00, 22.30; Sunday, Mar 21, 14.30; Monday, Mar 22, 02.30

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I couldn’t help but compare it to ChannelNewsAsia’s Saving Gaia campaign and feel that there’s a lot of improvements that can be made. Firstly, the website is a bit too interactive for me and looks like a video game more than something I would take seriously. In addition, I find it quite tough to navigate. They do however have a page dedicated to reporting “Green efforts from around the world”, but even that isn’t regularly updated and contain only efforts from in and around Asia! I don’t mean to be biased but I really think that if Asia is going to aim to increase efforts towards climate change and climate action, there is a need to get the right message out to people. ChannelNewsAsia has done a great job in becoming Asia’s premier news channel but there isn’t a real commitment to green issues.

Their belief:

Viewers today are overloaded by information. Often, what they need is not just news, but understanding. Not just events of the moment, but issues which affect their lives. Not just headlines, but bottomlines. Not just another perspective from a distance, but insights from the inside. With correspondents based in major cities throughout the region, Channel NewsAsia is created for Asians by Asians.

So why not provide Asian perspectives on climate change to people? I think it’s about time.


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