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Interview with Yvo De Boer after COP15 in Bali, Indonesia

March 5, 2010

After the all intensive COP15 in Copenhagen, there were several dissent and civil society are more fired up to take things into their own hand. And Mr De Boer also recently mentioned about his departure from the UNFCCC as the Executive Secretary to KPMG earlier than expected which left many wondering why or maybe with vary amount of assumptions.

ECO Singapore managed to get to the United Nations Environment Programme 11th Special Session Meeting of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum (UNEP 11 SS GC/GMEF) in Bali, Indonesia. This would be the first largest meeting of the UN level after Copenhagen. So we have managed to bump into Yvo who was down for the conference.

So here is the quick impromptu interview we did with him, which he gladly accepted. Enjoy!

Just a short note of personal observation that perhaps is not included in the interview. He seems somewhat more relaxed and he did explicitly mentioned about his feel that he thinks the private sector can do more because the the whole Climate Change negotiation has been too politicized.

Also, one of the reason for him to be around is to have some level of sensing about the governments on how they think about the Copenhagen Accord from the Ministers. The sensing from the politicians are good and they want to make things happen in Mexico with alot of hope. Subsequently, he went to Japan to meet the negotiators on the weekend and as the outgoing Focal Point, we met up again in Bonn (Germany) couple days on other matters and learned about the  skepticism of the negotiators in Japan. So it makes me ponder, what is really going to happen in Mexico.

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