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Beijing pours cold water on climate talks

February 25, 2010

Originally published in The Straits Times Word Regional A18 on Thursday, February 25 2010.

The article reads: Envoy feels key players are unlikely to budge on differences.

Ambassaor Yu Qing-Tai of China

China’s special representative for climate change negotiations, Mr Yu Qing-Tai said – as nations seek a new global treaty on climate change by the end of this year – that major players are unlikely to budge on the issues that stymied stronger agreements at the Copenhagen climate summit late last year.

“There may be some adjustments and shifts in the positions and tactics of the various sides but I personally believe that, on some core issues, the positions of  the major parties will not undergo any substantve changes,” Mr Yu said at a meeting in Beijing on China’s climate change policies.

President Hu Jintao of China

This comes at a time when environmental officials from 130 countries are meeting in Bali. But not all is lost since President Hu Jintao told senior Chinese leaders on Tuesday that he was committed to fighting climate change and pressing forward with a domestic goal to cut carbon intensity. China is coming up with a development road-map for the 12th Fiver Year Plan (2011-2015), which promises to see more economic and industrial policies to tackle climate change.

The article also mentions that a new UN study issued on Tuesday said countries would have to significantly INCREASE their pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions if there was to be any hope of preventing catastrophic effects of climate change.


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