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MEWR NGO Networking Session

February 23, 2010

So some of us at ECO attended the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) NGO Networking Session that they have 4 times a year. It was my first time attending, as with some of the others who turned up with me. Much thanks goes out to Bernard and Isabel of MEWR for the invitation and for being such gracious hosts tonight.

The session basically serves as a platform for MEWR, PUB and NEA to keep in touch with NGOs targetted at climate change or more generally, the environment. The session saw Kenneth from NYAA and British Council, Deliang and Shawn from Syinc, Eugene from Waterways Watch amongst others presenting on COP15, post-COP15 and other activities done or are being planned for 2010. It was a great platform to meet people from the government and other NGOs, and to discuss our views on COP15, the Budget Speech and other issues. I also had the honour of representing the ECO @ COP15 team in presenting about YOUNGO, COP15 and ECO’s plans for this year and I’m glad that I have had 3 previous presentations in preparation for this! Haha! It was a little nerve-wrecking knowing there were people from the GOVERNMENT in the audience tonight but knowing that they care about the environment as much or more than I do, and that they have the ability to do something about it gave me some courage to speak out about the team and our efforts.

Overall, I enjoyed myself tonight. I thought the lou hei was a great (if not lucky) start to the evening session and that it does mark progress in terms of NGO-state partnerships towards climate action. 🙂


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