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Hybrid Cars given privileged parking spaces

February 21, 2010

Originally published at by Irene Tham

GOING green has its privileges for drivers of eco-friendly wheels, such as hybrid cars, who get to use reserved parking spaces at some malls.

At least two malls here – 313@Somerset in Orchard Road and City Square Mall in Kitchener Road – have such reserved spots, even if these tend to be mostly empty. The two malls’ spokesmen said they want to give drivers of eco-friendly cars a pat on the back.

Hybrid cars are so called because they have a petrol engine as well as an electric one. They pollute less but cost more than petrol-driven cars.

There are only 2,600 hybrid cars (the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid and Lexus RX400h models) here, compared to 571,600 petrol-driven cars.

All-electric cars are also privileged at the two malls but there is only one such vehicle here as of last year, the Land Transport Authority’s website showed.

A spokesman for property developer City Developments Ltd (CDL), which manages City Square Mall, said: ‘We encourage shoppers to choose eco- friendly vehicles to save the environment.’#

Kudos to Ping for pointing this out! However, I still have my reservations (no pun intended) about these “green lots” being reserved for hybrid cars. Why not give incentive not to drive then? These malls might as well not have parking at all to encourage the use of public transport! But then, what would consumerist Singapore say about that right?


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