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“Sustainable Cities: Some Global Trends and Ideas for Singapore” by Peter Newman

February 10, 2010

Sustainability continues to grow as an idea to guide policy makers and city planners. The threats of climate change and peak oil are dominant issues shaping the need to make cities more resilient; they also provide the opportunity for early mover cities to capture the economic and social opportunities from the new decarbonising technologies and their associated urban design solutions. /

Some examples of these include Vauban in Frieburg, Bed Zed in London, Malmo and Hammarby Sjostad in Sweden, Treasure Island in San Francisco, and North Port Quay in Perth, but the biggest experiment in green city building is Masdar in UAE. A recent visit to Masdar shows a fascinating demonstration unfolding. The application to Singapore of these ideas is the basis of a course being taught in the MA (Urban Design) and some early findings will be presented.

Peter Newman

Peter Newman is the author of ‘Resilient Cites: Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change’ from Island Press (2009) as well as 10 other books and 200 refereed articles. He is on the Advisory Council of Infrastructure Australia which is funding infrastructure for the long term sustainability of Australian cities and has been an advisor to State Governments on sustainability in Perth and Sydney. He is Professor of Sustainability and the Director of the Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, Western Australia. He also a Visiting Professor in Architecture at NUS. /

This lecture is jointly organized by the NUS Department of Architecture and the Architecture Society. / For further inquiries please call 65167737 attn. Ms. Clara Wong #

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