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Guest lecture

February 4, 2010

Today I did a guest lecture for Professor David Higgitt’s class GE3239 Environmental Sustainability. I really enjoyed sharing my COP15 experience with the students and I hope some of them actually do come visit this site! Hello if you see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Anyway, I thought it was a great way to reach out to students, especially from the Geography Department. Before the lecture, I had prepared 25 copies of the Copenhagen Accord (hardcopies) to hand out. Since the Accord is only technically 3 pages long, it was easy to run through during the lecture. I also managed to run through briefly what the Bali Road Map/Action Plan stood for and how it served to pave the way to Copenhagen.

The questions were great. A couple of them asked about what Singapore’s response is, and I suggested for them to read the Sustainability Blueprint and National Climate Change Strategy. I think those 2 documents really tell us about what the government is doing or plans to do towards combating climate change. I hope to organize an informed session soon with ECO to discuss these two publications and to get people talking about what they like or dislike about them. It’ll also be a great way to learn from others!

So, what I got out of the guest lecture today… It was really heartening to see so many young people interested in learning more about climate change and the significance of COP15. Although, since it was a lecture… perhaps they turned up so that they could churn out their assignments! HAHA! Ok just kidding. I think there’s a lot of opportunities out there for us who went to COP15 to share our learning experience over there and to help raise the level of awareness back home. Civic participation and engagement in issues like climate change is an important aspect of a democratic society and we cannot fail to neglect it… even if our government does everything for us! (Well, almost everything.)

I also hope to be able to conduct one session specially for my friends in the Geography Honours. I think the general awareness level is quite low but do hope to reach out to more of them! So, to others out there who share similar woes with me with regards to how to spread the word about climate change or COP15…. don’t worry! There are chances like these out there, you just have to look out for them. And always be grateful for those who help you along the way and especially those who turn up to support you.

Guest Lect starting slide

So on that note, I’d like to thank Prof David Higgitt for allowing me the opportunity to talk to the students about my experience at COP15 and to all those who were present! Keep asking questions and keep learning! It’s the least we can do. 🙂


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